Call For Papers: (In)Security, (In)Visibility and Gender in Historical Perspective

Conference at the Universität der Bundeswehr München, July 3-4, 2014 Organisation: Chair in German and European History of the 19th and 20th Century, Felix de Taillez M.A., Prof. Dr. Sylvia Schraut

pages-flipSecurity issues take a prominent place in the public perception as well as in the field of Security Studies. Historical science however, was not much concerned with security issues so far. This is all the more astonishing as “security” is a key word in policy and in legitimization of nation-building processes since early modern times.

The conference focuses on historical security issues in connection with their (in)visibility – above all from the perspective of cultural, media and gender history.

We expect contributions across successive historical periods from national, transnational, international and/or gender points of view, taking into consideration the following questions:
How is (in)security represented in the media?

How are measures to establish security or rather the negligence to install them legitimized?
Which patterns of argumentations can be found in the context of security issues in public debates and/or discourses?

Which (in)visibilities take security measures in public and private space (concerning also the physical presence)?

How is the relationship between (in)visible security measures and (in)security arranged?

Confronted with threat scenarios how were mutually influenced security issues, social norms and political systems?

We request a short exposé (3000 characters max) and a short CV by October 15, 2013 via email to or

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