Nominations Open for the Heldt Prizes

The Association for Women in Slavic Studies invites nominations for the 2013 Competition for the Heldt Prizes, awarded for works of scholarship. To be eligible for nomination, all books and articles for the first three prize categories must be published between 15 April 2012 and 15 April 2013. The publication dates for the translation prize, which is offered every other year, are 15 April 2011 to 15 April 2013. Nominations for the 2013 prizes will be accepted for the following categories:

1. Best book in Slavic/Eastern European/Eurasian women’s studies;
2. Best article in Slavic/Eastern European/Eurasian women’s studies;
3. Best book by a woman in any area of Slavic/East European/Eurasian studies.
4. Best translation in Slavic/Eastern European/Eurasian women’s studies.

One may nominate individual books for more than one category, and more than one item for each category. Articles included in collections as well as journals are eligible for the “best article” prize, but they must be nominated individually. The prizes will be awarded at the AWSS meeting at the ASEEES National Convention in Boston, MA, in November, 2013.

To nominate any work, please send or request that the publisher send one copy to each of the four members of the Prize committee by 15 May 2013:

Choi Chatterjee, Heldt Prize Committee chairperson
Professor of History
California State University, Los Angeles
5151 State University Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90032

Yana Hashamova
Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Slavic and East European Studies, Ohio State University
303 Oxley Hall
1712 Neil Ave. 303 Oxley Hall
Columbus, OH 43210

Martha Lampland
Associate Professor, Sociology and Science Studies, University of California, San Diego
2648 Luna Avenue
San Diego, CA 92117-2410

Cristina Vatulescu
Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature, Russian & Slavic Studies
Department of Comparative Literature
New York University
19 University Place, 3rd Fl.
New York, NY 10003

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