Call For Papers: Gendering the Archive

call-for-papersAustralian Women’s History Network Symposium, Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The Australian Women’s History Network Symposium this year will focus on paper and paper-work in history from a gendered perspective. Proposed papers or panels should respond to, but not be limited by, the following themes relating to gendering the archive:

  • Colonial history and the power of paper
  • Newspapers, politics and activism
  • Official papers: census, royal commissions, maps, surveys, legislation
  • Letters, photos, telegrams, posters
  • Changing technologies and paper communication
  • Paper trails/ephemera/memory and loss
  • Paper making
  • Missing papers
  • Reading sexuality in the archive
  • Papering over the cracks?

Our symposium will take place during the AHA 2014 Conference ‘Conflict in History’ to be held at the University of Queensland in Brisbane from 7 to 9 July. Our dedicated AWHN sessions on Tuesday 8 July will be followed by a special public lecture event presented by Prof Karen Hagemann (University of North Carolina), and then the AWHN reception and dinner (rsvp details below).

The Annual General Meeting of the AWHN will be held at lunchtime, venue TBA.

Submitting your Proposal

The Call for Papers is now open on the AHA Conference website at

Please submit your AWHN abstract via that website before 15 March 2014. Select the ‘Paper-work’ option in the drop-down menu when you submit your proposal. The AHA Conference email address for all enquiries is

Papers will be 20 mins followed by 10 mins for questions. Panels will be 90 mins.

More details at:

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