Call For Papers: Women and the Underground Railroad

library image2014 National Underground Railroad Conference

July 16-20

Detroit Michigan

Due to popular demand, the National Underground Railroad Conference is
back! The National Park Service, National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom (NTF) Program and friends, will host its annual 2014 National
Underground Railroad Conference in Detroit, Michigan, July 16-20, 2014. The
theme for this year’s conference is “*I Resolved Never to Be Conquered”:
Women and the Underground Railroad.* This sentiment penned by freedom
seeker Harriet Jacobs, shows her determination, “though one of God’s most
powerless creatures,” to retain control over herself and her body despite
her enslaved status. The conference’s focus on women recognizes NTF
program’s new organizational link with the Harriet Tubman Underground
Railroad Monument (HATU), and will explore that while Tubman has been the
dominant image of women and the Underground Railroad, her involvement is
part of a larger story of women’s participation in the movement, as freedom
seekers and as operatives.

During the conference, we will also take advantage of Detroit’s proximity
to travel on a tour to Canada, a final destination for many freedom
seekers. So be sure to have your passports ready!

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for the Call for Proposals. *Deadline March 1st. *