A “Treasure Trove of Forgotten Bryn Mawr Hilarity”: Gems from the Oral History Archive

Zoe Fox, Class of 2014

Zoe Fox, Class of 2014

Greenfield Digital Center student worker, Zoe Fox, who follows in Lianna Reed’s footsteps as she digitizes the oral history collection, has posted an entry on the Special Collections blog about her recent findings. Zoe describes what it is like to venture through the “treasure trove of forgotten Bryn Mawr hilarity” as she helps us preserve the faltering cassette tapes on which the collection is currently stored. This week, her endeavors led her to an interview with Emily Kimbrough, Class of 1921, in which Kimbrough gives an account of a “wild and hilarious trip to Europe” that she shared with a friend when they were “fresh out of Bryn Mawr”–a story which was eventually published as a book, adapted for the stage, and turned into a successful movie and short-lived television series. Click here to learn more at the Special Collections blog! And Zoe, we trust you will share more tales as you continue to unearth the tales of Mawrtyrs past.

Diana Lynn and Gail Russell in the 1944 movie

Diana Lynn and Gail Russell in the 1944 movie of Our Hearts Were Young and Gay, adapted from Kimbrough’s book of the same title

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