Call For Papers: Violent German Women

Violent German Women – Rebels, Revolutionaries, Perpetrators, Abusive Mothers and Violent Lovers

We invite papers that critically examine the portrayal of violent German
women and what motivates their actions. Is violence a uniquely gendered
act? Have women become more violent? We are particularly interested in a
genealogy or trajectory, and the aesthicization of feminine violence.
Rather than looking at women as merely members of the fairer sex, we are
eager to construct a dialogue that illustrates the agency of women in
perpetuating violence, and complicating preconceived notions of gender and
its relationship to violent acts. Some examples might include depictions of
women as rebels, revolutionaries, terrorists, those who seek revenge,
violent mothers, abusive lovers, sado-masochists, and militarists. Of
particular interest is how these women have been portrayed in different
media such as literature, film, drama and art, and how these representations have changed over time. How their feminine violence can be
tied directly to the history of German-speaking lands, experiences, and
national spaces will be the central focus of this panel.

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Please submit a 250 word abstract by February 15, to Imke Brust and Nicole
McInteer ( The abstract should include your name,
institutional affiliation, and email address, as well as any audio-visual
requirements for the presentation.

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