Call For Papers: Trans-(media): A graduate research conference

Deadline extended to February 15

Trans-(media): A graduate research conference June 6-7, 2013

The Cinema and Media Graduate Student Association of the Department of
Media Culture at The College of Staten Island (CUNY) invites proposals
to its inaugural Graduate Student Conference. The conference will
consist of two days of panels on June 6th and 7th, with a keynote
address on Thursday, June 6th.

About the Conference Theme:

Transmedia storytelling, as an object of analysis, has become
increasingly relevant due to the increasing use of cross-platform
storytelling. While originally defined as looking at the spread of
narrative across a variety of media outlets (television, print,
graphic novels, video games, internet venues, etc), trans-(media) as
we envision it can encompass much more. In addition to exploring the
traditional definition of transmedia, we wish to explore it more in
the sense of media crossing boundaries. In this way, media can cross
boundaries of genre, physical and geographical boundaries, and what
one may term the boundaries of gender. Our theme of trans-(media) then
includes the following: trans-(national), trans-(itional),
trans-(gender), trans-(gressive), trans-(formative), and trans-(ient).

Some points of entry could be:

How do media companies choose to distribute and produce their stories
globally and locally, and how do they decide which story parts get
disseminated across which access points?

How do diverse media users translate (and transcribe) narratives and
transition between consumption and production?

How have new media technologies fundamentally changed our methods of
story construction and modes of reception?

Because of the unique nature of transmedia as an integrated media
experience, it easily lends itself to interdisciplinary study, and one
could argue that the tradition of transmedia, or at least storytelling
in video games, could have been born out of the tradition of
epistolary literature. Proposals from those working in cinema, media,
communications, and literature are all expected, and we would be happy
to welcome an even more interdisciplinary approach. We welcome
proposals from graduate scholars at all levels, and those who have
completed their program in the past two years.

Interested participants should submit a CV and an abstract of 250-500
words for a fifteen-minute paper electronically as attachments to by Friday, February 15, 2013.

Notification will be via e-mail on March 15, 2013.

The conference will provide meals and snacks. A nominal registration
fee of $50 is required by April 15, 2013.

Website at: Tweet Us: @CinMedGSACSI

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